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Guangdong in the new building materials industry Co. Ltd., founded in February 2017, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, a total investment of more than 50 million yuan; the company is located in the "father" of Mr. Sun Zhongshan Nanlang Cuiheng village - Zhongshan city was born.
The company is committed to research and development, production and processing of new construction, high-performance, environmental protection, energy-saving materials. The current production of "aluminum frame wood plastic building template", is a new type of template system after aluminum template developed, mainly used in commercial projects, pipe gallery and residential, and provide early dismantling template system and technical support, training and other services, the overall solution; it can be environmentally friendly and low carbon. 100% recycling, in the production, processing and use of clean, clean, no pollution, simple construction process, save time, money and manpower cost, complete and efficient alternative to the conventional "wood" and "die", "aluminum mold, mold, and the template" the advantages of a building, has been the industry wide recognition and support, gradually promote the application of the builders.

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